About Us

Christopher “Smitty” Smith, Founder

Smitty has lived in SLO County since 1995 and enjoys jeeping, camping horseback riding and spending time with his wife and two children. Smitty’s wife is an executive administrator in a local group home and they both have a passion for people and their stories. Besides running a business, Smitty is actively involved in his children’s lives as soccer coach and baseball coach and enjoys participating in the community with the other families. 

Josh Johnson, Foreman

Josh enjoys life on the central coast with his wife and two kids and his free time he has perfected his martial arts ability and has several black belts. He trains children and adults in Hawiian Kempo and Jijitsu and loves the art of discipline that is encouraged in martial arts. He has been with Smitty Built for 7 years and likes creating a beautiful space for people.

Billy Lee, Concrete Specialist

Billy has been a part of Smitty Built for 8 years and loves living on the central coast. He is currently taking care of his elderly mother when he isn’t working and creating beautiful living spaces for their clients. His strength in the organization is problem solving and strategizing foundational aspects of the remodel.

Chris Chandler, Painting Specialist

Chris is a San Luis Obispo County native and enjoys the central coast. His weekend activities include golfing on the gorgeous grounds in our county.

David Zeladon, Construction Specialist

David grew up in SLO County loves the central coast. He is a single dad and enjoys his time with is two children. He coaches soccer during the season and enjoys building and managing the crew.

Brian Martinez

Brian has been with the company for 2 years and is passionate about building. Brian also has a lifelong passion for the sport of boxing.

Brian Dehaven, Finish Specialist

Brian enjoys the central coast and in his spare time builds fine furniture and guitars so his finish work is beautiful!